Woven Image by Benjamin Hubert

Benjamin Hubert’s London studio Layer has designed a modular screen system made up of triangular hemp tiles for Australian textile company Woven Image. The Scale system relies on a hexagonal framework that is constructed from individual three-pronged thermoplastic sections. These join together to create a base for the covering fabric tiles, and rest on oval aluminium feet. Double-sided triangular pieces, made from recycled and pressed hemp, then clip to the framework using magnets that are placed at the corners of each tile. Indentations in the material cause the pattern of the hexagonal structure to show through once the screen is constructed.

The 330-millimetre-tiles can be removed to create openings, and users can great gentle bends in the screen by adding curved framework pieces. The entire Scale system can be assembled without tools, as the components clip together using a bolt system. Using the modular framework, the Scale partition can be adapted for the needs of various spaces, and made larger or smaller as needed.

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