Stone Balancing by Adrian Gray

Adrian Gray is the pioneer of this art that consists in the balancing of stones. This is a practice that combines natural elements with human creativity and ability to find the exact point where the rocks will balance themselves.

The artist says that the process of balancing stones has a meditative quality since “it forces you to ignore the continual chattering in your head and absorb yourself in the process“. If you’re doing it right, inevitably you’ll get absorbed in the present moment – “you find the stillness inside yourself and become one with the stones.”

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Genial!!! Tank you.el silencio se apodera del paisaje. La atmotsfera se vuelve contemplativa, íntima y distante. Humana,si pero también extraterrestre. Claramente existe un diálogo filosófico entre ellas, las inquietantes rocas en equilibrio.

11 months ago

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