Soul of Science by Daniel Martin Diaz

Combining “concepts of consciousness” and science with the physical and metaphorical, Daniel Martin Diaz’s explorations come to life on paper. Diaz’s work, despite feeling so strangely familiar, is distinctly unlike anything else, and is executed with such aforementioned sincerity and crafted elegance that he has been asked not only to create album covers but also artwork for churches.

On his quest for the brutal truth, he has discovered that every discovery or seeming breakthrough inevitably leads to more questions of the tentacled nature.  He knows that humans are very small parts of the whole universal equation, and being confident in what you know (or what you think you know) actually digs you deeper into a sinkhole of ignorance.  He is another artist who attests to the fact that EGO is the ultimate enemy and profoundly understands that objectivity and extreme open mindedness are our only redemption.

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