Shifting Spaces by Yuria Okamura

Yuria Okamura’s abstract drawing practice brings together and reinterprets various ideals from across cultures and histories. Through mapping, reconfiguring and connecting diverse geometric patterns and symbols that reference esoteric symbolism, occult diagrams, religious architecture and decoration, and the history of abstract painting, Yuria examines geometry’s universal qualities and utopian implications: ideals concerned with order, balance, and harmony. Using architecture and gardens as unifying visual metaphors and motifs, her work explores drawings’ potential to operate as open-ended contemplative spaces for reimagining utopian visions.

Drawing from a range of diverse geometric symbols, this exhibition challenges conventional readings of illustration; and its pictorial knowledge, beliefs and histories, offering instead new and alternative interpretations. Employing methods of drawing acrylic and ink are skillfully deployed to sheets of prepared paper, which in turn are presented on small shelves or hung directly on the gallery walls. Decontextualized the symbols offer us points of departure, new imaginings, unheeded by the predominately binary representations of belief/knowledge but a clearer all-encompassing cosmology.

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