Reflection from Above by Donna Dotan

The New York architectural photographer Donna Dotan “mild obsession” with symmetry is reflected through her series Reflection From Above which capture the energy that goes on in the city that never sleeps. The stunning photos—captured while looking down from skyscraper windows—offer a refracted glimpse of the city that enhances an 80-story view into an even more magnificent vantage.The added height removes one from the cityscape and allows you to appreciate the symmetry of the city, as well as the interplay of the array of vibrant colors. And when Donna enhanced the effects using long exposure photography, the results as you can see were quite incredible.

“The windows in the Mandarin Oriental apartment opened from the floor and only about 5 inches for safety reasons. I really wanted to get a shot of Columbus Circle, so I wrapped my camera strap around my arm about four times and stuck the camera out through this opening. What I saw was truly incredible and a vision that would inspire this series. I could only point the camera straight down because of the limited opening, and so half of my photo was the view of Columbus Circle, while the other half was its reflections in the glass building that I was in. This photo became the first of what I knew would be a lifelong series.” 

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