Philographics by Studio Careras

Sometimes with colours and geometric shapes we can formulate ideas that are explained in thousands of words. Merging graphics and philosophy in a design-conscious hybrid simply called Philography, London-based Genís Carreras has paired complicated concepts with uncomplicated shapes to create a cutting edge philosophy dictionary. Genius in its simplicity, Philography was originally borne as a series of posters explaining theories like Dualism, Free Will, Existentialism and Idealism through using just color and shape. But as many ”-isms” were left out, Carreras decided to add more designs to the collection.

“I wanted to make philosophy look better, to feel more contemporary and relevant,” Carreras says. “For me shapes and colors are a way to communicate, a way that can break through language and age barriers. As a graphic designer, this is the only way I knew.”

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