Orna by Cristian Boian

Cristian Boian, one of the leading Romanian graphic designers and digital illustrators whose work is recognized on the world stage, used to be a carpenter in his village to Curtea de Arges, Romania before starting his journey in graphic design. The charm of wood fiber material, the metal grains, the shapes of the reflections on glass and plastics are found in the fact its elaborate digital graphics, but in the form of mathematical functions.

Those who know Cristian can tell that he loves to experiment with new technologies to create curious collections in which the union between lines and dots determine the final result. In his work, the use of colour and shape recalls the cosmic movement of the 60s and 70s, during which the psychedelic style exploded with huge visual impact. They are ambiguous but very graphic pieces, with texture in a space of flat volumes, false symmetry and complex stories. They are worlds within worlds.

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