Living Food By Minsu Kim

This project explores new culinary experiences potentially through developments in synthetic biology. Living food finds its lineage in haute cuisine and molecular gastronomy. A set of future dining experiences were designed where food behaves like a living creature entertaining us through an empathetic connection. Kim’s animated entrées are not actually alive, and there are no living organisms hiding inside. The movement of the food is artificially created by synthesizing organic matter (carbon compounds); when appropriate energy source,reactions take place causing movement as the energy is being consumed and exhausted. After the creation ‘metabolizes’ its food, the energy has run out and the food no longer squirms.

When Kim’s interests in industrial design, synthetic biology and robotics converged into these edible creations, she knew she had a great idea. Her goal is to enrich our culinary experience by reminding us that dining can and should be a sensory pleasure. She believes that food in the future will evolve beyond its simple nutritional value into a channel for entertainment.

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