Inorganic Flora by Macoto Murayama

Botanist and designer Macoto Murayama has created “Inorganic Flora,” a collection of intricate blueprints of numerous flowers. Murayama buys different flowers from roadside stands and then dissects, photographs, and sketches them. Then he creates detailed digital 3D models of the flower and its parts and makes a beautiful, annotated blueprint of each bloom.

In his own words, Macoto’s goal was to detail how, along with its organic nature, “a plant possesses a contradictory element of geometric/mechanical structure”. What emerged were two different, stunning ways to artistically and mechanically illustrate a flower. One, the “Botanical Diagram,” depicts the flower’s structure in mathematical terms like a technical document; the other, “Botech Art,” shows us the striking beauty of the flower’s 3D structure in beautiful color.

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