Flux by Dieter Pilger

Flux is a kinetic 3D printed mezmerizing physical sculpture created by dieter Pilger in collaboration with Janno Ströcker and Frederik Scheve. While the outer body zoetrope design was done using the fibonacci sequence and the inner body is illuminated by a COB Led, the artists have put the sculpture in motion through an Arduino creating a stunning visual effect that plays with our perception of reality

Visual information is forwarded to the brain, where it is processed, interpreted and translated into sensory impressions. Generally speaking, visual perception is the product of filtering and reducing data, which enables us to depict our environment distinctly.
We envisioned a sculpture that displays an animation in the open physical space. The sphere is constructed according to the fibonacci sequence. It rotates in a certain speed and gets illuminated in a specific frequency.
The animation can be seen just by looking at it with your eyes. No external devices like a strobe or a camera are required. The fibonacci sequence thereby isn’t anything that only appeals to mathematicians, but is of great significance in the process of understanding aesthetics and harmony as a whole – as far as an impression can be expressed as visual perception.

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