Detailed Abstractions by Penabranca

Penabranca is a Brazilian artist and designer from Sao Paulo who uses geometry, nature and vivid colours to create stunning compositions straight out of the dream world. Making use of various techniques, Bruno is able to create deceptively complex images in a unique way. The very deliberate forms give the works the feeling of ancient runes or magical codes, adding to the mystique and drama.

“The subtle, deep connection with the mystery of the cosmos that we all share, and the art of primitive humans, which emulates the language of that connection: Geometry.”

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Aron Gjerløv

Wauw im so impressed and im a huge fan of this art. It is playful, beautiful, inspirering and interesting. I do make similar art my self, though I only use paint for my projects because I enjoy the process of thinking creative and finding strategies to compose in a very limited environment which the oldschool microsoft paint is holding (: thank you for showing your work, I am stunned and feel forced to go even further and deeper with my work which is only on a æittle basic hoppy form right now, so thank you so much for this inspiration. I am also interested in buying some of the pictures somehow someday

11 months ago

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