Botanical Mandalas by xYz

Botanical Mandala is an ongoing series of digital prints, featuring British native species in habitat specific groupings, represents approximately 30 hours of painstaking and patient work. Joanna Tilsley is using a unique and creative technique to conserve nature into digital world. Having chosen her habitat and species, the technique involves searching for suitable high resolution photographs of the plants and insects then digitally excavate the ‘usable’ part of the image, working to pixel level, before carefully weaving and blending many images into a layered ‘bouquet’ to create the final geometric pattern.

“It’s like doing an incredibly hard jigsaw where you have to make all the pieces first and you have no real idea of how it will look until you have slotted the final piece into place – and that is when all those many hours of hard work turn into the most wonderful ‘Tah-dah’ moment.”

These mandalas are available to purchase as Giclée prints in a variety of sizes from xYz online shop.

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Luis F. Alfonzo Rojas

Excelente trabajo; es maravilloso saber que existen personas que hacen su trabajo con mucho AMOR, le nace del corazón. Yo soy de un país ubicado en América del Sur llamado Venezuela; no se hablar su idioma; igualmente le deseo a usted y su equipo de trabajo que DIOS les proteja y el Universo recompense su labor. Gracias por colaborar con la naturaleza y querer nuestro Mundo Tierra. Un abrazo de LUZ y AMOR para todos mía hermanos.

12 months ago

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